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Exceptional team, they provide support and assistance even after purchase, thank you so much for your dedication and service.

Daniele M. / Performance Exhausts

Get it, it’s a top-quality exhaust, I upgraded my bike’s system, and the sound improvement is remarkable

Fabio F. / Instagram

The exhaust arrived earlier than expected and in perfect condition.

Thank you for your attentiveness and quick responses to my inquiries.

Impressive service, I’ll definitely be making more upgrades with you.

Roberto M. / Biker Forums

Just arrived =) it’s fantastic, almost done installing it
Thanks <3

Serghi M. / Instagram

It’s amazing, folks, I recommend it. I installed it on my old bike, and honestly, the performance boost is noticeable, it feels like a new ride.

Thanks, and have a great day everyone!

Marc .l / Instagram

Good morning, the package arrived today, installation went smoothly, and after just 30km, the performance difference is astounding.

The bike feels more powerful, can’t wait to test it further but had to commend you right away

Albin C. / Instagram


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Original price was: 197,00 €.Current price is: 147,00 €.
Original price was: 197,00 €.Current price is: 147,00 €.
Original price was: 197,00 €.Current price is: 147,00 €.
Original price was: 197,00 €.Current price is: 147,00 €.
Original price was: 197,00 €.Current price is: 147,00 €.
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Original price was: 197,00 €.Current price is: 147,00 €.


Transformed my ride's look and sound instantly! Lightweight, stylish, and the rumble is just unbeatable. Excellent value for money.

Kirstin E. / Whatsapp

Installation was a breeze, and the performance boost is noticeable. The engine runs smoother, and the bike feels more agile. Highly recommend.

Mike Lloyd / Messanger

The carbon finish adds a premium touch to my motorcycle. It's not just an exhaust; it's a statement piece. Plus, the sound is absolutely thrilling.

Andy Guscott / Whatsapp

After a month of use, the difference in performance and sound is remarkable. It’s like having a new bike. The build quality is top-notch.

Jane Bit / E-mail

"Pleasantly surprised by the significant weight reduction. It's made cornering much sharper, and the aggressive sound turns heads everywhere

Loyd Washington / E-mail

The included db killer is a great addition for quieter rides, but without it, the exhaust's sound is exhilarating. Perfect for enthusiasts.

Brigit Guscott / Messanger

You're in good company

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Upgrading to the Yourmotoparts exhaust transformed my bike both visually and performance-wise. Its sleek design and deep, rich sound have enhanced my riding experience, making every journey more exciting. The quality and ease of installation were impressive, adding value beyond the cost.

The Yourmotoparts motorcycle exhaust is not just a part, it's a performance enhancer. Lighter weight, improved agility, and a standout sound are just the beginning. It's a significant upgrade that comes with excellent customer support, making it a wise choice for any rider.

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